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How to unblock websites?

How to unblock websites?
Copy Websites URL

Copy the url to the website that you want to unblock. You can use Ctrl+C or with the context menu.

Paste in search field

Paste the websites URL in the website field and click 'Unblock'. Use Ctrl+V.

Unblock Website

The website that you entered into the website feild will be unblocked and you can browse for free.

The best way to unblock websites?

UnblockWebsites.Com is the best way to unblock websites for free while having the satisfaction of browsing the web safely and securely.

Why use UnblockWebsites.Com?

Websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc are blocked in many countries around the world. We offer a free and safe means to surf the web.

What are proxies?

Web proxy servers enable users to browse the world wide web anonymously using our web servers IP address. When you use our web proxy, you are using our server instead of your own computer to surf the web, which means that you IP address is hidden from the world!

How can you provide a free service?

We make money from ad revenue, rather than charge customers to use our service.

Is there a limit I can use your web proxy?

Nope, our service is unlimted. Use it as much as you would like too.